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The Veteran Enforcers Motorcycle Association

Vema Jacksonville

Our mission is to recognize and pay homage to our Military, Law Enforcement and Fire-Rescue servants who have answered the call to duty. We accomplish this by supporting and organizing charitable events and functions that raises awareness to the sacrifices our brothers and sisters have made in service to our country and communities.

V.E.M.A. chapters are tasked with utilizing our passion for motorcycling in support of these events or functions. While offering our members an atmosphere in which Honor, Remembrance, Duty, Respect and Brotherhood are implemented and understood by those who have answered the call to duty. We strive to promote professionalism and camaraderie among our brothers and sisters within these civic and military services. Thus giving our membership purpose in all we do. VEMA’s order of precedence is “Family, Duty, VEMA!”

Veteran Enforcers are military and public servants that are held to a higher standard than the general public. We are not 1%ers; to the contrary, we are law enforcers and do not allow anybody to hide behind our colors. However, we do support like-minded motorcycling organizations that are in keeping with the V.E.M.A. mission with no bias or obligation. V.E.M.A. membership is not open to the general public and members are held accountable for their actions.

As with any dynamic organization, a set of standards is one of the assets that make it dynamic. V.E.M.A is no different. Our past experiences led to the creation of our by-laws. An evolving document intended to give our members Mission, Task and Purpose. Members are expected to know and comply with our by-laws, but are reminded that our focus shall always remain on our mission, our passion for motorcycling and service to our brothers and sisters. The major ingredient in all we do is our membership. This shall always be the case and we shall never compromise the quality of our membership for quantity.

Honor, Remembrance, Duty, Respect and Brotherhood

VEMA Events

VEMA reserves the right to make any changes or cancelations


April 9, 2016 in New Bern. NC. Join us in our Fallen Officer Poker Run

 photo VEMA_zpsogchpkbk.jpg

Kick-off 2016 with a great ride for a great cause! "Riding For The Kids" to support PAL!


Veteran's Day Remembrance - Honoring U.S. Marine Veteran Sgt. Scott Davis - November 11, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL


VEMA & G.I. Joe's Military "Living History" Museum - November 7, 2015 Kinston, NC